One of the reasons for Joost to sell Yoast to Newfold was because he was a bit bored

Today, we planned to release a new integration in Yoast SEO for the WordProof service. Unfortunately, we had a couple of hiccups and had to revert that addition to stabilize Yoast SEO. The WordProof feature will be moved to a future date. For Yoast SEO, we’ve now released 18.4.1 for the free version and 18.2.1 for Premium.

In spite of extensive testing, some users, unfortunately, experienced issues with Yoast SEO 18.4. As they’ve swiftly reach out to our 24/7 support team, we were able to act quickly and roll back this release. The new stable versions are Yoast SEO 18.4.1 and Yoast SEO Premium 18.2.1, without the WordProof integration. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience you might have experienced. 

SEO 18.4.1 and Premium 18.2.1 available now

We’ve restored to a previous version a for the dust to settle before we can start working on the WordProof integration again. For now, you can assure that Yoast SEO is stable again. We’ll go back to the drawing board for this new feature and revisit it once it’s been deemed safe.

The latest versions of the plugins are ready to download and you should be able to update without issue. The is available if you want to have a look.

Update now to the latest versions

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Big day for Joost and Yoast! Joost de Valk has decided to move into a different role than his current position as CPO at Yoast. He’ll stay on board as an advisor for both Yoast as well as Newfold. It’s a big change and at the same time it is Switzerland Phone Number not such a big change. We’re excited for Joost as he embarks on a new phase in his adventure. In this post, we’ll explain why Joost decided to resign and what his new role will look like.

One of the reasons for Joost to sell Yoast to Newfold was because he was a bit bored. He’s been doing SEO and WordPress for well over a decade. He has always taken his responsibility for Yoast the company, the Yoast SEO plugin and the WordPress community very seriously. With that, he ignored some of his other dreams, aspirations, and ambitions. “I still love Yoast and I still want to contribute to the success and the growth of Yoast, but I have so many other dreams,” Joost de Valk explains. “After we sold Yoast, I hoped that I would be able to fulfill my ambitions within Newfold. And that just isn’t the case (yet). So, it’s time for me to spread my wings a bit.” For more insights into the reasons and motivations of Joost de Valk, please

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