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Nearly any company can find a way to re-engage their prospects through remarketing, even if they don’t view Facebook as their personas’ primary watering hole. There are some great ways to narrow focus and the inventory is often inexpensive. Not to mention, Facebook’s bidding algorithms arguably rival some of the best in the PPC landscape. What that means is – even if you don’t leverage Facebook for prospecting campaigns, there’s probably still low-hanging fruit for you in remarketing. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can leverage Facebook to reach your target audience.

Activities Facebook Also Makes It Easy To Remarket

Remarketing Page Visitors The easiest and most obvious remarketing strategy is to create remarketing lists from page visitors. Sometimes, if you have a small audience, starting out by remarketing all visitors is best. This is because additional segmentation may make the lists too small to get out of the learning phase. If your audience is big enough, though, it’s ideal Namibia Phone Number List to create audiences basd upon visits to pages that indicate intent – such as people that visid a page to sign up for a free trial or request a demo but then didn’t complete the request.

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Creating Audiences From URL Parameters To take page visitor remarketing one step further, you can create audiences off of any part of the URL string, even if it isn’t part of the page. Put simply: you can create audiences off of URL parameters, as well as subfolders. This can be handy if you want to remarket visitors of a specific source separate from your other audiences. For example, if you were running a campaign in Linkdin targeting specific Linkdin groups or skills, you might decide to use Facebook as an additional remarketing source as it is often more cost-efficient. You could then use your UTM tags to create an audience of only folks from just that specific campaign.


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