Pros, cons and features of the profession

When choosing an activity, it is important to take into account not only its focus, but also personal qualities. The main advantages of the presented employment: Low competition, as in the CIS market this direction is new, not fully mastered. Product analyst salaries are above average. Plus, most companies offer a number of bonuses, making the income consistently high. Opportunity for career growth and personal development. Employment of this format is an alternative for people who are used to working with dry numbers and facts. Activities are multi-tasking and interesting. In the process, specialists acquire a lot of useful skills in various areas. Data processing is automatic, accelerated, so there is no need to think that an expert is free switzerland phone number with a calculator, manually calculating each column. This job is not for everyone. Among the advantages, there are a number of disadvantages.

Qualities that are necessary for a specialist of this profile

Before engaging in activities of this format, it is important to understand that the work is quite difficult. It is accompanied by stress, deadlines, overtime, high responsibility. Because of this, such a niche is suitable only for people with a strong character. The main qualities that you need to evaluate in yourself first of all: Analytic mind. Attentiveness, scrupulousness. Responsiveness. It is important to understand that during work you will have to regularly help colleagues (not just from your department). Systems thinking, clear, logical, understandable presentation of thought. The ability to structure information, highlighting only the most important. Perseverance, patience. You need to be prepared for the fact that at one point you will have to completely redo the tasks in order to achieve the desired good result. Normal attitude to criticism, remarks, comments, wishes.

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Profession product analyst: prospects, salary

The demand for experts in the presented niche is high. At the same time, the scope of employment is not limited. Potential employers can be both international corporations and IT companies, local small start-ups. If you are a novice specialist, want to gain experience, “pump” skills, try to start freelancing. With each completed order, you can not only gain experience, but also increase income. In addition, you can get started in the following ways: Official employment as an intern or junior position in a large company. For a novice product analyst, the salary will not be high right away, but you can quickly gain DV Leads right away in practice. In addition, talented specialists can count on further cooperation with an already selected company. Outsourcing work with small startups that are just starting their development and scaling.

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