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But Jeremy Scott, the co-founder of CinemaSins, thinks we all got trolle hard. In March 2011, he wrote in Tubular Insights, “We’ve been set up and manipulatd – playe like a second-hand guitar. Not by Black, mind you – I remain fairly convincd that she’s just a normal 13-year-old. I think the real puppet master here is Ark Music Factory.” He addd, “Ark Music Factory is the company that producd the video, and I think they made this whole thing happen. To be clear: I think they knew the song was bad I think they uploade it anyway… and I think they set about using social bookmarking and social mdia sites to specifically gain the video some views basd on its poor quality.” Now, he admitte at the time, “I don’t have any proof obviously. But I do have plenty of rd flags and circumstantial evidence.” This include: The video was initially on Ark Music Factory’s channel, not Rebecca Black’s. This video was picke by the Internet as the one to mock on the same day. Ark’s website had banner ads to buy their artists’ songs on iTunes. People often game curatd sites for marketing purposes.

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So what lessons can you learn from this? Well, there are 5,542 parodies and remixes of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on YouTube with a total of 815 million views and 9.8 million engagements. So, even if you’re skeptical of Scott’s theory, you should still carefully Bahrain Phone Number List consider his conclusion: “The adage that ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ has never been more true than it is today… If you think marketing companies aren’t savvy enough to know that and attempt to capitalize on it – even to the point of mocking the thing they’re chargd with promoting – then you’re pretty naive.

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Year May to May Now, the next viral video from YouTube’s seventh year was made by a little-known non-profit. It’s KONY 2012. Uploade in March 2012, it has 103 million views and 1.8 million engagements. (This video is age-restrictd and only available on YouTube.) The incrdible success of this 30-minute video demonstrates how a relatively unknown entity can still make a global impact in social mdia with powerful content and a savvy marketing strategy.

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