Not All Backlinks Are Equal

With Google, it works the same way. Every time your website gets an endorsement (in the form of a backlink) from a new domain, Google likes it. When the same domain endorses you again, Google still appreciates it, but that second show of support pales in comparison to a new domain “recommending” your website. So while getting the tenth link from the same website won’t get you in hot water, there won’t be as much benefit to your website either. This is one of the reasons you need to pay attention to the referring domain metric: it shows the true value of a backlink profile. of other reasons include convenience and ease of finding partnership opportunities. So let’s take a closer look at how the referring domains metric can help you better analyze backlink profiles.


Get to see the real picture

Considering only the number of backlinks is not enough. Two backlink profiles can both have four hundred links, but one can have two  Dominican Republic Phone Number List  hundred referring domains while the other only has twenty. The difference between the two would be colossal, because in the second case, with an average of twenty backlinks per referring domain, the value of the links would be really low.

Always pay attention to the number of backlinks


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Always pay attention to the number of backlinks and referring domains. With SE Ranking’s Backlink Checker tool, you can find both numbers in just seconds. Just launch the tool, enter the name of a website you want to check, and hit search. In the pop-up window, you will find the number of backlinks and referring domains of the webs.

When a website gets hundreds or even thousands of backlinks from the same unreliable referring domains, Google simply devalues ​​those links and you have to do the same when analyzing a website backlink profile. Site-wide links don’t help your competitors rank higher, and if they rank well, it’s in spite of the links, not because of them.



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