Next Stage In The Funnel It Also Helpful For

Facebook also takes granularity to the next level. For example, Facebook can help you target ads for baby equipment to people who were recently pregnant or had a child. It bases this on personal information that its users choose to share and all of the above information, such as pages they’ve likd and what posts they’ve engagd with the most. With this, you can get your message on par with the people most likely to appeal to your business.

People That Have Already Taken A Certain Action

Facebook Users Aren’t Shoppers And yet, despite all of the above, your Facebook users don’t convert. But unlike with Google Ads, Facebook users are not using the platform to shop. They are using Facebook to interact with friends and family and share content. You’ve probably engage with a sponsore post but not actually made a purchase plenty of times. Maybe you purchas from the brand later, but most people aren’t necessarily intent on making a purchase when they click on your ad, especially from a mobile device. In the example I provide at the beginning, my Mexico Phone Number List team use this knowlege to radically change our approach. Instead, we changd our value proposition and lead form to merely get people to attend a workshop hoste by our client before actually engaging in a consultation.

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Exclusions To Ensure That You Aren Targeting

When conversions are low, consider using Facebook lead ads, video ads, or even dynamic ads for ways to get people into your funnel. 4. You Aren’t Segmenting Ad Campaigns Your ad creative and messaging will only apply to certain segments of your audience. If your ads are driving a lot of impressions but few clicks and even fewer conversions, consider implementing A/B split testing. Experiment with: Messaging. Ad creative. Images. Landing page copy. Audience segments. Creating separate audiences base on different conversion goals and previous engagement can help you create hyper-targetd messages that resonate more.

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