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Then activate this prediction in the channels and analyze Kenya WhatsApp Number List the whole. From data to decisions to activation To unlock the full potential of your first-party data, you need the data, analytics, and activation Kenya WhatsApp Number List building blocks. Data is collected from multiple sources, cleaned, transformed and combined by adding one unique customer ID. This whole is then accessible to other systems that help you gain Kenya WhatsApp Number List insights or make predictions. I explain this with an example.

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From data to decisions to activation in a schedule. In the image Kenya WhatsApp Number List above you see a marketing activation situation of an omnichannel retailer. The objective is to only target audiences with Smart. Bidding that have a customer lifetime value (CLV) with a positive profit margin. So the bidding algorithm of an advertising Kenya WhatsApp Number List platform should not by turnover or value, but rather by profit margin.

By feeding the algorithm of the bidding Kenya WhatsApp Number List platform with margin data at product level, which also includes discounts, and by correcting returns, you no longer bid on audiences that are loss-making and on the contrary, bid higher on profitable audiences in, for example, Google Ads and on Instagram. To achieve this you have to combine Kenya WhatsApp Number List various sources and then score with an algorithm.

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