My first contact with Digital Marketing

I am an Automation Engineer by training and have always loved technology and systems. Throughout my professional career. I sought to somehow innovate making use of technology to improve and simplify daily activities so that I could have more time for analysis and decision making. My first contact with digital marketing was when. I took over the Marketing Engineering department of a multinational solutions for telecommunications where. I worked for 17 years. This department had the function of uniting the product development to the need and presentation to the market. There’s nothing better than taking advantage of social networks, which were still underexplored by industries like that. To communicate with our buy singapore number. It was a slow path until we found the balance point for this segment.

Why I chose Harve

Like everything, of course, it takes study and dedication, and anyone who believes that. As it is a subject and practice that is present practically 24 hours a day in our lives. Is wrong to extract all the necessary knowledge to use digital marketing for their business. . So I went looking for the best references, indications and it was through an article by a former student like this that I found Harve. I was motivated to do all the modules and chose to start with High Performance Marketing. It was the overview I needed at that moment and it was the most assertive decision I had.

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My experience with training

During the modules I was able to go far beyond what I imagined to be my need and outline plans and expectations for my business in various periods. And even after the training, a very cool network of contacts and exchange of knowledge was formed between professional students and especially specialist teachers, always available. I identify a lot with the analysis of digital media and reports and Growth Hacking. For me, they work side by side. Through the indicators we can trace the actions, corrections and make a plan to optimize more and more the results – mine and my clients. Sometimes a simple adjustment within a DV Leads of your site can bring that long-awaited return that wasn’t being achieved.

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