My experience so far with Digital Marketing

My experience is one of constant learning because in a world that is always changing, it is always essential to be always aware of the changes in the market, I realized that the many insights that I learned in class with the mentors of Harve, made me able to be much more directed to what I should learn and update myself. In training, my experience was to come out with a guide on which topics of studies and changes I should pay attention to, to know what is new and where to look for the right cell phone number list of relevant content that makes sense for the professional journey.

My expectation with the Digital Marketing market going forward

My expectation in the digital market is a much greater evolution and growth. More and more companies and demands will emerge to meet the needs of the digital consumer, who is looking for more practicality and convenience in their purchases, services and consumption experience, I believe that the future of the digital market tends to be very beneficial for people companies that tend to innovate, they will be ahead and create a greater connection with the market share they want to reach.

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In which areas of Digital Marketing do I most identify?

My experience so far has been with online Traffic and Social media campaigns. Currently I’ve been studying and looking for new strategies with Analytics, Google Ads, face Ads. The online world is really wide and it is essential for you to specialize in something, but to be a more prepared professional, understanding the changes in the market, it is interesting to be on top of all the trends and tools that can benefit the work and DV Leads more results. So I seek to be a generalist in the sciences of digital marketing so that I can become better and know where to change when necessary, I believe that would be it, I still have a very long journey to go but I intend to insert my bricks one by one.

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