More Likely

Points of attentionIs duplicate content taken into account in an A/B tesAren’t tracking pixels just load that have a negative impact on your website spe?

Tools to check this:

  1. web crawler
  2. A website spe tool like: GTmetrix or

Product owner

According to your developer, everything functions as it should. After a test round by your product owner , an agreement is given to put the changes live. The key question? Points of attention correspond to the points mention above per expert.

Tools to check this:

  1. web crawler
  2. Set up automatic test on the test environment

Server Administrator

After your server administrator has solv this President Email Lists problem, they will resume their daily activities. The key question: have certain SEO points of attention been taken into account?

President Email Lists

  1. After solving the server error, was it check whether Google respects your robots.txt and crawls your website again?
  2. Have important pages disappear from the index?
  3. Within the online marketing agency world, employee rewards can be quite creative. Below is a list of examples of creative rewards:Shares as an end-of-year bonus, which increases your importance to perform well.An annually growing cash bonus to increase your loyalty. Think of Frenkie de Jong’s contract with FC Barcelona.

Tools to check this:

  1. Log file analysis tool


Sometimes a departure simply has nothing to do with your agency.  He end up in the field as an account manager. Sometimes it just is what it is.

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