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The way to gain their support is to involve Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List them in the idea generation process. Because design thinking involves all stakeholders in the process from the start, you create support and reduce resistance to the change. A good example of real co-creation is the collaboration between KLM and TU Delft. Teams get more creative Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List Design thinking challenges you to let go of assumptions and to question them.

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This will certainly benefit professionals Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List who have been around for some years and who have gained a lot of experience. Those people can be a little stuck. This creative method challenges everyone to think Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List differently and good ideas always come from that. The creativity sparked in people by applying this method is essential for innovation.

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The 5 phases of design thinking During Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List the process you go through 5 phases. Since this is a non-linear process, these phases do not always follow each other in the same way and often teams go through the phases in parallel, repeating Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List phases in an iterative way. Phase 1. Empathize In the first phase, you create empathy for the user.

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