Meitu Xiuxiu’s new free, professional and enterprise plans

Creating an infographic, report, or promotional board often requires collaboration between teammates, clients, and reviewers. You may want to share your visual project with them to share work, gather feedback, or get final approval before sharing your design with more people. Thats why we launched the meitu xiuxiu team program. Seeing how this plan enables small and large teams to create visuals more effectively made us realize that limiting collaboration to just one plan is not the way to go. We want to give everyone a chance to work better together and experience the full potential of meitu xiuxiu. You will now be able to invite teammates who want to create visuals or who have been using a separate free account with meitu. Here are the features well be rolling out for you and your teammates to use meitu xiuxiu.

Work with more editors

Meitu xiuxiu download format many free users who use philippines photo editor meitu to create resumes, presentations or reports have asked us for additional download formats. Thats why, on top of png, we will enable download formats for pdf and ppt so that free users can get more out of their designs. With the update, you will be able to invite more members to your collaborative workspace in the professional plan. Once you invite your teammates, you can create, organize, and edit visuals together. If you need a second pair of eyes to see what vision youre doing, share with your workspace. Members and gather feedback through comments. Saved template if you follow the same presentation or reporting style in monthly or quarterly updates, it might make sense to save it as a template. You will be able to do that in meitu xiuxiu.

philippines photo editor

Small changes to the dashboard

Any workspace member can save their work as a DV Leads template for other members to use. To learn how to do this, check out this support article. Templates saved in meitu xiuxiu more storage as you add more. Members, youll need more storage for all the images you and your team might use in your visual projects. Thats why were doubling the amount of image storage in your account to 100gb. Extra storage in meitu xiuxiu pro team plan update all team plan users with. Less than 25 users in team accounts will be migrated to the meitu xiuxiu pro plan. Meanwhile, any teams with more than 25 users will be migrated to the new enterprise plan. After the migration, you will notice two changes to your dashboard. First, weve renamed teams to workspaces. Use it to create, organize and edit visuals with your teammates.

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