Means to apply the Interactive Marketing Strategy

Your company’s website should be the first place to make a b2b email database with the customer. Through Google Analytics you can track the activity on your business website. You can obtain information as valuable as where people click, what pages they look at or through which way they arrive at your web page. And then with all this information you can make decisions like: Offer products or services according to the tastes of users Change the location of those products or services that do not receive as many visits in more prominent areas. Add features like “request a call”, where visitors fill in their contact details to receive a call from your company, etc.

It is especially useful for building

The blog is also an ideal medium for your Interactive Marketing Strategy. It is especially useful for building a relationship with a customer rather than selling directly to them . Your company’s blog must include valuable content for your audience . It is important that you provide interesting information about the sector or useful advice related to the range of products of your company. All this will not get you direct sales, but it will help you improve brand awareness, especially if your customers value the information. In addition, the blog is also a source of interaction, since it allows readers to comment on your posts and establishes a dialogue with the user.

b2b email database


Social Networks Facebook

Social media such as Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Pinterest or YouTube group people together through their interests. As we have seen in other articles, social DV Leads are of key importance in the communication and relationship of brands with their public . Whether it’s commenting on posts or starting a conversation, social media can help your message reach your audience. But, yes, you have to choose the ideal social media for your business well, since each one has a type of audience and its own characteristics. Therefore, you should opt for those that you consider the most convenient and effective for your goals. And also, establish a good Community Management strategy that helps you safeguard your brand image and serves as a relationship channel with your customers.

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