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Revue allows publishers to create free or paid newsletters, with Twitter taking a 5% cut of revenue earne through subscriptions. Creating and distributing newsletters with Revue is otherwise free, which will make this a new opportunity for marketers to build mailing lists on Twitter. Launch Date No exact date has been announcd for the launch of the Subscribe button. It’s said to be rolling out on Android and desktop first, and an iOS launch will follow at a later date. With paid newsletters being an option, it might make sense to integrate this feature with Twitter Blue as an additional perk. Twitter Blue is a premium offering that gives users access to exclusive features for a monthly fee.

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The service launche this month in a limite number of test countries. This is just an idea, but adding a newsletter subscription to the package may help sweeten the deal. Take YouTube Premium as an example. Among its list of perks is the ability to become a member of one channel at no additional charge. Amazon Prime is another example. Prime members can subscribe to one Twitch channel per month at no add cost. In each of these cases the content creators are compensatd the same as they would be from any other paying subscriber. Twitter could potentially do the same by combining Blue with Revue. It would add more value for premium members while helping to boost revenue for creators. It’s likely too early for Twitter to be considering anything like Austria Phone Number List that, however. We’ll learn more when the Subscribe button launches in a few weeks. Sources:Revue, Mashable Also see: Twitter Acquires Revue – Newsletter Publishing Startup.

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Top 40 Viral Videos of All Time There’s a lot to be learned from viral video content. These top 40 videos give marketers insight and useful, practical takeaways. Greg Jarboe VIP CONTRIBUTOR Greg Jarboe July 16, 2021 ⋅ 20 min read 1.1K SHARES 129K READS Top 40 Viral Videos of All Time This is the second iteration of my Top Viral Videos of All Time list, and I didn’t realize how challenging it would be to revisit this list. In just two years, much has changed. The rapid rise of TikTok prompted Instagram to introduce Reels in August 2020, for example.

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