Main differences between Active and Passive Marketing

Passive Marketing does so through good customer service. Or by seeking “intelligent” positioning at the point of sale (physical or online). On the other hand, Active Marketing reaches its potential clients through prior networking and contact with other companies or the creation of swedish employee email groups. Moment of action The action in Passive Marketing is carried out long. Before the desire for acquisition by the customer occurs and no prior attraction strategy is established. On the contrary, in Active Marketing, it occurs at the very moment in which the user feels the need for said product or service. .

Required skills Passive Marketing

Passive Marketing is reflective and anticipatory. It requires an arduous previous planning and development work. In short, it requires initiative and effort. On the other hand, Active Marketing is deliberate and with a clear purpose. Also, it takes a lot of effort and dedication. In this case, above all, persistence and insight are needed. . 3.4. tool types To obtain good results with Passive Marketing you have had to, among other things, get the products to the points of sale, appear well positioned in search engines or be in the directories of companies in your sector. On the contrary, Active Marketing implies concluding sales meetings, making commercial calls or emails, person-to-person marketing actions , social commerce or freebie marketing .

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Main Investment

On the one hand, Passive Marketing requires a large DV Leads in time, since prior to the launch everything must be well defined and scheduled. And on the other hand, it requires practical means and methods to obtain good results. For example, create a good content strategy on your website, with valuable content for your audience. Active Marketing requires hard research or prior knowledge of the target audience. For example, collecting information through online surveys about what your customers expect from your product. This is how you can find the simple way to make it possible differently and better than your competitors.

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