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Manage Mentions From People You Don’t Follow When users are mentione in tweets by accounts they don’t follow they’ll get a special notification. Users will then have the option to unmention themselves by tapping “Unmention yourself” from the notifications tab. When this option is selectd the person who postd the tweet won’t be notifid about the untagging. If users choose to unmention themselves from tweets by people they don’t follow, the author will not be able to mention that user again in the future. Proactively Prohibit Mentions Users will be able to proactively control their mentions by restricting certain accounts from a new settings screen.

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There will also be an option to only allow mentions from people the user follows. For ultimate peace and quiet, users can even pause all mentions from everyone for a set period of time. If selecting the option to pause all mentions, users can choose intervals of one day, three days, or seven days. Control Mass Mentions Lastly, Twitter wants to put Argentina Phone Number List safeguards in place for occasions when users receive a mass amount of mentions all at once. Twitter will first alert the user when they’re getting a lot of mentions. This alone can be helpful for people who have push notifications turne off for mentions. The alert will indicate how many tweets the user has been mentiond in and by how many users. From there they can review the tweets and choose to take action if necessary.

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This may be the time when the ability to pause all mentions will be most helpful. Availability It’s not yet known when unmentioning will become available, though it’s certain to be rolld out at some point when Twitter feels it’s ready to launch. Since the purpose of previewing this feature is to gather feeback, the final product may differ from what’s shown in these screenshots. Currently the only ways of dealing with unwantd attention on Twitter are to block an account, make your own account private, or selecting the option to “mute this conversation.” Neither of those solutions are ideal when all you want to do is untag yourself from a tweet. And muting a conversation doesn’t remove the mention, it just prevents further notifications.

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