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Basic resource in online advertising . But even if we have been using facebook ads for years, it is always necessary to be up to Philippines Phone Number  date with what is new. This year, the social network with the most users in the world comes loaded with new features to help brands connect with their target. Let’s see them! Do you want to improve your advertising campaigns on facebook and instagram ? Enter here and watch for free the course that will help you achieve better results for your brand or company. Know the latest news from facebook (march 2020) facebook news: optimization and facebook ads 1) facebook ads in several languages you no longer need to create different campaigns

And Posts to Advertise in Multiple Philippines Phone Number

And posts to advertise in multiple languages, instead you can create and deliver a promoted post or facebook ad in Philippines Phone Number multiple languages ​​simultaneously. Let’s quickly see how to do itnews facebook ads1 1.1. Create a promoted post in multiple languages go to the general settings of your page. Find post in multiple languages ​​and make sure allow people who manage this page to write posts in multiple languages ​​is turned on. Now, when you start writing a post on your page, the +write post in another language option should be grayed out . First write your post in the default language of the page and then select that option and choose a language from

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The Dropdown Menu Repeat the Philippines Phone Number

The dropdown menu Repeat the process as many times as you want. Some languages ​​have automatic translation, Philippines Phone Number  but I advise you to always proofread the text before publishing. Keep in mind that the photo or video must be the same in all languages. Follow the steps you would take to create a regular boosted post, and voila! 1.2. Create a facebook ads ad in multiple languages go to ads manager and create a new campaign using guided creation. Select the objective of the ad. moreover,your ad to show in multiple languages, you’ll need to choose traffic, app installs, conversions, video views, reach, or brand awareness. Name the campaign and specify the audience, placements, and budget for the ad set. and,Choose the format (single image, single video, or slideshow).identically,the text, links and call to action button in your


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