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Creating Audiences Off of App Activity If you have an app, you can create audiences base upon your app user base. You can create audiences off of anyone who opend the app, your most active users, users by purchase amount, and users by segment. You can also target app events but keep in mind your app nees to be measuring app events to create a Custom Audience from it. The app events your app is set up to measure for will automatically populate in the drop-down menu. 11. Audience Sharing Facebook also offers the ability to share audiences with partners.

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There are a couple of different instances where this makes sense. For one, sometimes it makes sense for sister companies to share audiences (if they are targeting similar personas). And two, if you’re working with partners to cross-promote, you can also share audiences between business managers so that you can each target each other’s audiences. The additional perk of sharing audiences in the case of custom audiences is that the business sharing the list can upload any email addresses into their own business manager and then share it to partners without ever Oman Mobile Number List sharing the actual email addresses themselves. Follow Your Buyer Journey Remarketing is a great way to support your funnel.

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You know exactly what actions folks have taken, what pages they’ve visite – so you can track those actions and remarket them with the next step to continue moving them forward. Your customer journey could be multiple steps with multiple remarketing audiences moving things forward (and always excluding lower-funnel audiences from higher DV Leads funnel ad sets to keep things moving in the right direction) or it could be just a few steps. Even if your buyer journey isn’t that long, you can take a look at your journey to see where people are dropping out and then use remarketing to bring them back. For instance, remarketing people that add-to-cart but don’t complete their purchase or people that sign up for a demo but then don’t attend, and so on.

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