What is Content Marketing

In general terms, content marketing is a strategy based on delivering relevant content to the public, offering information of interest to them, with the objective of taking them to an action, or educating them in some way, always focusing on a marketing objective. The “traditional” model of marketing and customer relationships dealt with the scarcity of information (with few available media and channels) and with product-centric marketing. The strategy was to communicate to the public what the brand wanted them to know, based on an interruption strategy – breaking a television program with cell number database, or reading a magazine with pages of paid advertisements.

Why Content Marketing Matters to Brands

oday, it is the customer who seeks the content they want to consume, stimulated by their needs and interests. In this context, offering relevant content to your audience is both an opportunity and a necessity. On the internet, people look for answers to their problems and information on topics that interest them. With a consistent content strategy, brands have the chance to help resolve these issues and educate the audience, leading them to a desired action, whether it be making a purchase; make contact; fill out a registration, or even generate brand recognition. You can say that content marketing is a way to communicate with your potential customers without selling.

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Content marketing helps the customer

By providing information that solves a problem, or even entertaining content, the brand can build an emotional connection with potential buyers. This strategy is based on the premise that if the company provides valuable information to the consumer, he tends to respond by considering it when he is close to making a purchase decision. It is a win-win relationship between the brand and the public. Content marketing helps the customer in decision making. It takes the public with the necessary information to understand a particular product or service and helps them to decide if they will be able to solve their DV Leads and meet their expectations, bringing the customer closer to the brand and, finally, to the purchase. In addition, a content marketing strategy also offers lower costs compared to what is usually spent on traditional marketing, which basically uses paid media.

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