Introduction and Tutorial to Flask Python

If you are a web or python developer and you are developing an business owner cell phone lists for the internet using Python , chances are you are using a framework. A framework “is a library of code that makes the developer’s life easier, when it comes to applications, scalable and easy to maintain”, providing reusable code or extensions for common operations. There are several frameworks for Python, including Flask , Tornado , Pyramid and Django , but in this article we will cover Flask. In this article we will guide you through the process of building an API, this process being a simple To-do list. Flask Python is pretty straight to the point.

Flask Python startup and configuration

Like the widely used python libraries, the Flask package is installable via the Python Package Index (PPI). First create a working directory (like flask_todo would be a good name) then install the flask package . Also install flask-sqlalchemy so that your flask has a simple way to communicate with a SQL database. We will work using the Python 3 virtual environment. To do this, type the following at the command. If you want to turn this into a Git repository, here is a good place to run git init . This will be the root of the project, and if you want to export the base code to a different machine, it will be very useful to have all the setup files here.

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Connecting the Database with Flask Python

While the code above represents a complete Flask Python DV Leads, it doesn’t do anything interesting. One interesting thing that a web application can do is persist user data, but for that it needs help and a connection to a database. Flask Python is basically a do-it-yourself framework. This means it has no internal interaction with the database, but the flask-sqlalchemy package will connect the SQL database to a Flask application. The flask-sqlalchemy package only needs one thing to connect to the SQL database: the database URL. Note that a wide variety of SQL database management systems can be used with flask-sqlalchemy , as long as the DBMS has an intermediary that follows the DBAPI-2 standard.

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