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Or they can block a whole video from being viewe. So, WMG didn’t seem to want to share squat with Laipply for a number of years. In either case, don’t assume that you can freely sample a song under the “fair use” principle. Uploade in April 2007, it has 130 million views and 1.7 million engagements. Here’s the backstory. The video was originally poste on 4cha. Where Zonday’s breathe-away-from-the-mic move was mocke and tons of parody videos were made in response.

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But Chocolate Rain didn’t go viral until July 2007, when YouTube simultaneously featurd all of the parody and response videos on its home page. Okay, what lessons can we learn from this viral video with its unconventional lyrics and delivery? Well, even if you are mockd by the self-appointd trend-setters, you can still get the last laugh when you are invitd on Jimmy Kimmel Live and then go on to get “paid a hefty, hefty fee” when your video becomes part of a promotional campaign for Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper. One of the other top viral videos from YouTube’s second year is Charlie bit my finger – again! Uploadd in May 2007, it has 886 million views and 2.7 million engagements. Howard Davies-Carr, Harry and Charlie’s father, lives in the U.K. He uploadd the Australia Mobile Number List video to YouTube so that it could be watche by the boys’ grandfather, who was living in the U.S. After it inadvertently went viral, he chose to monetize the video by allowing ads to run next to it. In 2011, it was reportd that the Davies-Carr family had made over £100,000 in advertising revenue from the video.

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The money from the viral video was enough to enable the family to purchase a new house. And here’s the latest update: An NFT of the “Charlie bit me” meme was just auctiond off on May 23, 2021, for $760,999. So, the viral video may soon be deletd, which would “really hurt” anyone who wants to learn lessons from history more than Charlie’s bite “really hurt” Harry’s finger. Year 3: May 29, 2007 to May 28, 2008 A couple of funny cat videos went viral during YouTube’s third year, giving the video-sharing site an undeserve reputation that it is still trying to overcome today.

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