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To be eligible for monetization, you must Macedonia WhatsApp Number List meet the Meta conditions . They differ slightly per tool, but broadly speaking. The most important conditions are that your account is active for more than 30 days. That you adhere to the community standard and game and payment rules. In addition, it is important that you share authentic. Own Macedonia WhatsApp Number List content and that the payments you receive are linked to that content, plus are made by real people.

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This prevents abuse with scripts or agencies Macedonia WhatsApp Number List with fake accounts. The tools have not yet been rolled out and used worldwide, but in the Netherlands they are already available for a large part of the options. What are the options for making money on Facebook?  In-stream ads Accounts that post a lot of and especially long videos on Facebook are eligible to earn money by placing ads in these videos.

Macedonia WhatsApp Number List

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To do this, these accounts must have more Macedonia WhatsApp Number List than 10,000 followers and their videos have been watched more than 600,000 minutes in the last 60 days. That includes on-demand and live videos or recordings of live sessions, but without cross posted, boosted or paid video views. Also, you must have more than 5 videos live on your account. To be eligible for this, you must have yourself approved as a creator. You can check this quite easily via Meta for Creators, where you can sign up for the different tools.


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