Increased Traffic Vs Increased Conversions

Increased traffic vs increased conversions

Traffic is an important metric because it shows how visible your pages. Are in search engines, as well as how reliable they are. But it doesn’t translate to conversions. To increase your conversion rates you need to get as much qualified traffic as possible. Which means attracting people who might really need what you offer. And attracting your target audience with the right words. A design convincing and easy to navigate.


What is a good conversion rate

To get started, let’s see how conversion rates are calculated. The number of times users perform the desired actions (i.e. conversions) is divided by the total number of  Iceland Phone Number List  website visitors. For example if your landing page had 500 visitors last month and 15 of them signed up for a free trial.

And according to wordstream, 25% of landing pages have such results. In contrast, the top 10% receive conversion rates of 11% or more. But this is only a source of research. The number of conversions you should aim for largely depends on the industry. For example, e-commerce websites receive an average of 0.6-5.5%, and the narrower the niche, the lower the conversion rates. As a result, fintech sites struggle to get more than 0.1% on average, according to a Littledata survey.

How to optimize conversion rates

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Don’t focus on numbers if they don’t come from research related to your particular market. See how your main competitors are doing in terms of conversions and think about how you can get more.The CRO process is about creating hypotheses about what might work and testing them to see if they are true. But before guesswork, you need to collect data on how many conversions you currently have, how visitors are engaging with your pages, and what convinces them to convert.


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