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Investing and investing in crypto therefore seems Kenya WhatsApp Number List increasingly attractive. With this, the influencers also appear who are only too happy to give advice on social media and via YouTube. They are not financial institutions or official advisors. How far can they go then? Investment advice is bound by rules Nobody should just give investment advice. A license Kenya WhatsApp Number List from the AFM is required for this. Home-garden-and-kitchen advice during circle birthdays is of course excluded.

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If you give investment advice to a ‘client’, your Kenya WhatsApp Number List suddenly fall under the supervision of the AFM. But when does it change from ‘circular birthday advice’ to advice to a client? The AFM is therefore quite strict in this regard. If there could be a commercial interest behind it, they already see it as a situation in which advice can be give to a client. The advice should also be personal.

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So aimed at one or a few people and their Kenya WhatsApp Number List specific situation. This can be solicit or unsolicit. Also watch out with investment recommendations Unlike investment advice, an investment recommendation is much more general and not aimed at a specific person. A recommendation concerns a strategy about a financial instrument. This may soon be the case when you want to tell something about investing. Fortunately, this is not prohibit or link to a permit.

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