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The arguments: 1.1 ToppieToppieCRM emerged as the Venezuela WhatsApp Number List best in the comparison between 5 CRMs. It has all the features we need. Works well with our Office applications and CMS. As a cloud application, it is continuously evolving. And it falls within the budget that we have available. 1.2 Wauwsoftware is a suitable partner. They have been around for fifteen years. Have more than 50 employees and more than 250 customers.

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Most of them are about the same size as us. Continuity Venezuela WhatsApp Number List thus seems to be guaranteed. 2.1 It is important that employees are immediately able to work well with ToppieToppieCRM. ToppieToppieCRM has a different interface than our current CRM. That takes getting used to. In addition, the CRM has new options for sending newsletters, reports and integration with the website.

Venezuela WhatsApp Number List

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In order to make full use of these possibilities, it is Venezuela WhatsApp Number List important that employees get to know them well. The notes: 1.1 Wow software can only start implementation in three months. That is two months later than our schedule. But that’s not a big problem. We can extend the license of our current CRM for half a year.


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