Impact of Facebook Apps on the European Albania Phone Number

Without a doubt, in the last decade facebook has changed the way we communicate, but what is its real effect on companies ? Facebook Albania Phone Number
experts have asked this very question. And to answer it, they have commissioned copenhagen economics to conduct a study on the impact of facebook apps on the european economy , in which they have analyzed 7,700 companies of all sizes and sectors in 15 different countries.likewise,you want to know their conclusions, do not miss this article! Do you want to improve your advertising campaigns on facebook and instagram ? identically,Enter here and watch for free the course that will help you achieve better results for your brand or company.

Impact of Facebook Apps Albania Phone Number

Impact of facebook apps on the european economy the impact of facebook apps on the european economy 25 million Albania Phone Number companies in the european union use facebook apps every month. Most of them are small businesses. According to the companies surveyed, facebook apps helped them generate an estimated sales of 208,000 million euros during 2019. This is equivalent to about 3.1 million jobs. Facebook applications have also contributed to increasing the exports of the european economy. with,During 2019, it is estimated that they generated 98,000 million euros in exports, of which 58,000 million correspond to sales within the european

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Union and 40,000 Million Albania Phone Number

Union and 40,000 million to the rest.Of the world. uniquely,How do facebook apps help small. And medium businesses according to the albania phone number. Economics study, small and medium-sized businesses. moreover,Not only use social networks to showcase their company. And products, but also as a trusted place to communicate with. Customers, as an analytical tool and as a source. Of low-cost advertising that allows them to reach new customers. Inside and outside their borders. correspondingly,In figures:6 out. furthermore,Of 10 companies say that facebook applications. Are important to reduce their marketing costs . 6 out of 10 companies that use facebook. Apps said they find it useful to enter new markets .


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