Identify the target audience of the Interactive Marketing Strategy

When you are clear about what you want to achieve, the next step is to determine who is going to be the group of people to whom you are going to b2b email addresses said interactive marketing campaign. Interactive marketing campaigns target specific customer segments . These groups of prospects and customers can be defined in the following dimensions: demographics _ These attributes are defined in terms of geographic location, age, financial resources, etc. Psychographics . They include the interests of customers. For example, they do have pets, political affinity, hobbies, and anything else that might grab customers’ attention. Of behavior . These show what users have done on previous occasions when they interacted with your business. This is one of the most important indicators to carry out future actions with them.

Development of the value of the Interactive Marketing 

The value proposition is the reason why your target audience should interact with your brand . In other words, you need to create content that is compelling enough for your audience to get a click on your ad or a comment on your blog post or a sale through your website. When presenting your product or service to your potential customers, you must take into account these 5 elements that make up your value proposition : Product Benefits . Remember to always speak in terms of satisfying needs instead of explaining to the user the benefits of your product or service. Adaptation to each medium . Each medium has its own formats and characteristics. Therefore, it is essential that the creativities are perfectly adapted to each of them. Response Channels .

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Activation of the Interactive Marketing Strategy

Once the first three steps are done, it’s time to execute the plan. It consists of launching all the actions defined for said Interactive Marketing Strategy. To do this, it is DV Leads to create a campaign program that includes elements such as: Define the start and end dates . Establish the key days , both for planning and for execution. Pass the internal approval process . Content programming . Coordination of all campaign actions with the rest of the company’s marketing initiatives. .


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