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Include Star Ratings If your business has a four- or five-star rating, include that in your ad imagery! Positive ratings will stand out and encourage people to take a further look. In the example below from Lemonade (a home/renter’s insurance company), note how the stars match their brand color. In addition, the ad contains an image of a house (the product they insure) along with their logo.

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This creative carries both the positive rating and the direct brand association. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative 5. Show the Product If you’re selling a tangible product, show it in use in your ad imagery. People will know exactly what you’re selling and how they could incorporate that into their lives. For instance, the ad below for Calm Strips imeiately gets your attention as you see the colorful strips stuck to a laptop. Then, you can read the copy for more Indonesia Mobile Number List information about the purpose of the strips. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative Sometimes, it might not be practical to show the product in actual use, but you can still show it by itself.

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For instance, you might not even be able to see this clear aligner on someone’s teeth without looking closely, but an image of someone holding it shows how simple and unobtrusive it is. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative At the end of the day, investing in decent product photography can go a long way. Even if you don’t want to pay a professional photographer, buy an SLR camera with a macro lens along with some lights to be able to take quality close-up shots of your product. 6. Include Event Information If your ad is promoting an event, one of the first questions people want to answer is when the event will take place. Including the date(s) right in your graphic will answer this question upfront.

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