How visual storytelling will shape the next decade

A new year brings new hope. After a challenging 2021, businesses and brands are finding new ways to help them make 2022 even better. Visual storytelling has been on the rise since the pandemic. Businesses are taking note of the role visual communication plays in educating the public as well as customers. The emergence of ecommerce in traditional business models is also on the rise in response to changing circumstances, increasing the use of visual storytelling. At the same time, technologies such as virtual reality vr and 360degree video are also being used more for marketing. How can businesses and brands expand their reach by 2030 what role will visual storytelling play in this in 2020 , with the global pandemic unfolding, visual storytelling has gradually become a key player.

The impact of the pandemic on visual storytelling

With the massive growth in digital transformation photo retouching service driven by the pandemic, so too has the way brands tell their visual stories. 1. Business marketing the first obvious trend is career marketing. Brands such as top social media app tiktok started donating to pandemicrelated causes. Coursera, an online course provider, is offering its courses to colleges and schools for free, reflecting their value in ensuring educational continuity during the pandemic. 2. Diverse storytellers another new way brands tell their story is the diversity of storytellers. 3. Reflect reality a new approach was evident in the first wave of the pandemic back in april, and that was mirror reality. In this approach, dominos pizza created an ad featuring a franchisee, encouraging people who lost their jobs to apply for their open positions.

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Tips for Preparing for the Future of Visual Storytelling

Recovery a recent encounter with visual DV Leads storytelling is recoveryfocused. One in particular is from heineken, who want to educate their customers on how to behave in the bar and how they can navigate back to the bar while staying safe during the pandemic. 5. The misplaced story while some brands have successfully introduced new approaches to storytelling, others have unfortunately missed the opportunity. In this approach, some tactics are longform emails and brands that share the same themes, such as musical styles, copywriting and design under the influence of the pandemic. For example, when mcdonalds, cocacola, and a few other brands spaced out their logos to graphically illustrate social distancing concerns, there was a backlash. However. Another bad example is hersheys april 2020 ad.

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