How to Use Google Analytics for SEOThe Power of UA and GA4 Dual Setup

Google Analytics has always been part of the SEO toolkit. Moreover, it is often among the most important tools. But you’ll never find it on the list of easiest to use, because digging into Google Analytics for insights makes even seasoned SEO specialists sweat.

Now, SEO specialists using Google Analytics face a new challenge: migrating to the new GA4 version. The transition period will last a few years. During this time, we will have to get used to a whole new interface and new ways of collecting and measuring data.

How to get SEO insights from Google Analytics

Fortunately, the previous version of the  New Zealand Phone Number List  program, Universal Analytics (UA), isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So you can always benefit from proven SEO report analysis hacks.

If your website has not yet been connected to Google Analytics, we suggest that you create a dual UA and GA4 account for your website as soon as possible. Check out our step by step guide on how to set up your Google Analytics, it will help you do everything right.

Before diving into the reports, make sure you know what you should be looking at. To prepare, read this article and learn how to use Google Analytics and navigate its interface.

So you want to know how to track SEO progress in Google Analytics? Why not take a look at an SEO specialist’s most frequently asked questions and see where to find the reports that answer them in both the old and new Google Analytics interface.

1. How much organic traffic are you getting and is the volume growing?

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On average, 53.3% of visitors come to a website from organic search engine results. Google Analytics recognizes all the most popular search engines and aggregates traffic from them into the organic search traffic channel . Universal Analytics: The Channels under Acquisition report shows you how much traffic your website gets and where it comes from. Choose the default channel grouping as the primary dimension and you’ll see how much traffic you get from SEO activities.

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