How to turn your site from a leaky bucket into a customer generator

Arseniy Medvedev , project manager of the i Con Text agency. Told why a website should be made, what tasks it solves, and most importantly. What should be on it so that the site generates applications and sales. And does not destroy the advertising budget. If you do not have time to watch, below we have prepared a squeeze text. Now there are many ways to tell on the Internet about yourself. About your product, about your business. You can post brand information on social networks and promote a page on germany phone numbers, Instagram or TikTok. Is it necessary in this case to make a website. Spend time and financial resources on its creation, or can other channels be dispensed with? In this article. We will tell you everything.

Why do you need a website?

On the site, you control the attention of a person. You can submit content in the volume and sequence you see fit, in contrast to the community in social networks, where a person can walk along his own path. For example, in the VKontakte group, you can carefully work out the menu, with cast markup, write information about the company, make an online store – and a person will go to the photo album, spend 3 minutes there and leave. To companies that have a site of trust more. How to build trust on the site, we will talk below. 3. Growth of performance indicators The main performance indicator of a website is the conversion rate or CR. CR is the ratio of people who made a purchase or left a request to the total number of visitors to the site.

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The role of the site in the sales funnel

In order for the site to start generating leads and sales, you need someone to get to the site. To do this, advertising is connected so that the site gets into the organic results of search engines. The traffic that comes to the site is already generated into leads, contacts and later sales. The task within the framework of the article is to make sure that your site does not become a bottleneck in the sales funnel. So that a situation does not occur when you invest in advertising and SEO promotion, buy relevant DV Leads, and the site does not cope with its task and does not convert leads into customers and sales.

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