How to promote video in 2021: strategy, formats, performance metrics

Everyone is making videos, from TikTok teenagers to brands creating multi-million dollar ads. Video marketing even for B2B has become an effective promotion tactic. The article talked about the video marketing promotion strategy, success rates and the main ways of advertising. Video marketing holds the bar and maintains its popularity for the third year in a row. For example, in 2019-2020, the indicator was 87% and 85%. And in 2021, 86% of companies will use video as a marketing tool. We compiled statistics from finland phone number annual report on video marketing usage by businesses, which surveyed 813 unique respondents in December 2020. Participants were marketers and online users.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the promotion of a product, service or brand using videos. Companies are increasingly using video at all stages of the marketing funnel to reach audiences throughout the purchase journey. In 2014, psychologist John Medina proved that after 72 hours a person remembers 10% of the text they read and 65% of the video they watch. With video ads, you can: Accelerate your company’s revenue growth. Increase search engine rankings. Increase traffic to your website.a Improve conversion.

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Video Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to get started with video is to dive into video content creation, but before that, it’s important to think about your video strategy. What questions does the strategy answer? What are the goals? Who is the target audience? What kind of videos are you going to shoot to get their attention? Budget? Who will be responsible for creating the video? On which channels will you distribute the DV Leads? How will you measure the effectiveness of your videos? The answers to all these questions will vary from the company itself, its business goals, and the target audience for which the video message will be directed.

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