How to plan your time and delegate tasks: 6 services for work

Not for everyone, remote work has become a pleasant bonus during the pandemic, many are faced with the fact that they no longer separate work and personal time. Morning hours turned into night hours, and weekends into working days … In this mode, biorhythm failure and burnout can occur. How to avoid it? To achieve goals, you need to be disciplined and correctly distribute the load during the day. It is important to be able to manage your time, regardless of where you work. In this article, we have collected 6 france phone number that will help you be efficient.

What is Task Manager for?

Task managers are task management services that allow you to set tasks and deadlines, monitor work performance, manage business processes and internal correspondence. The main value of collaboration services is that they help to unload the brain and free up space for solving the most priority tasks. With proper time management, work efficiency increases, while you do not get overwhelmed and follow your plan. Bitrix24 At MyAcademy, we use the Bitrix24 CRM system, which is a cloud service for collaboration. The system helps to work together on video calls for up to 24 people, store files on disk, use calendars, create groups, work reports, tasks with deadlines, business processes and other tools for working in the office or from home.

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The interface is available in Russian

Many people love this service for its simplicity and clarity. Therefore, it can be used for personal purposes and for small teams. The taxi manager works on the basis of kanban boards. Above all, Which involve sequential control over the stages of production. On the free plan, you can create and manage tasks, upload and share files, up to 10 boards per user. The platform supports integration with popular services. Above all, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, MailChimp. The interface is available in Russian and DV Leads. Paid tariff: $25/month for flexible differentiation of access rights, data upload. Therefore, This is a cloud service for collaborating on a project. In it, you can plan long-term tasks, generate reports, monitor the efficiency and workload of employees, and communicate with the team.

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