How to Organically Increase Your Instagram Reach: How Reels Works

Mass following and mass liking have long gone by the wayside for free promotion on Instagram, and more and more commercial accounts and blogs are using targeted advertising to increase profile traffic. The first 2 methods are a gray promotion method and Instagram can block the account. And then Reels appeared as one of the ways to collect likes and views organically, have you heard about this format on egypt virtual number? Do you use? In the article we will tell you what Reels is, what features the format has and how it helps to attract followers on Instagram.

What is the advantage of Reels

Reels is a relatively new format and is only gaining popularity. The competition in Reels is not yet high, but the results are already tangible. In a few minutes, you can collect more than 1000 views and more, and this does not require superpowers in editing. Instagram is now focusing on video content. Therefore, the platform encourages the authors of video content: shows them to more users. The more activities (likes, views, comments and reposts) a new video collects in the first few minutes, the more users will see it. With the help of rils, you can improve profile statistics, gain subscribers and increase the flow of incoming traffic. All this is free and without blocking your account.

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How to make your first Reel

You can edit the video in the application itself. Use the timer, masks and filters, speed up and slow down, voice acting and music, text and drawing. Or, you can make a DV Leads in any editor, such as Inshot and upload the finished video.You can publish rails to the feed using the settings during video creation. And also, there is a cover photo replacement function so as not to spoil the general view of the profile in the feed. Posting a rils in the feed will help you get more views. Covers are displayed in the profile in the section with Reels and in the feed. You can choose a frame from a video as a cover or upload a photo from your phone’s photo album.

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