How To Optimize Infographics For Search Traffic

So you’ve created an awesome infographic to accompany your new blog post. It surely helps your content to stand out which is one of the best blog SEO practices. If you followed the other tips as well, your blog post will soon find its grateful readers and you will probably move on to writing your next post. The problem with such an approach is that you’re missing out on a lot of traffic by ignoring your infographic.

Although often treated simply as an add-on to blog posts, an infographic can actually speed up your blog SEO strategy if used correctly. You just Chile Phone Number List  need to optimize it for search, and in this article, we’ll explain how you can make your infographic SEO friendly, step by step.


How Infographics Can Impact Your SEO

Before we get to the practical part, let’s explain why infographics should be part of your content marketing strategy. First of all, infographics are useful for link building and generating organic inbound links. When you create a stunning and visually appealing infographic that’s packed with valuable stats and information, people will be eager to share it on their own sites.


How to optimize your SEO infographic for search


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Once you’ve identified a post that you think could benefit from an infographic, much like a blog post, you’ll need to spend some time optimizing your infographic for search.

1. Do your keyword research

Whenever you create content with SEO in mind, it all starts with choosing the right keywords. Infographics are no exception, as you need to optimize them for a particular keyword.

If you already have text that you want to supplement with an infographic, you should also have a list of keywords to choose from. If, on the other hand, you had the idea to create an infographic in the first place, you will need to do some keyword research first.

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