How to manage and promote the Instagram of a salon or beauty master in 2020

How to promote a beauty brand on Instagram. What trends are there now and will be relevant in 2020. How to manage an Instagram of a beauty master or a beauty salon. And how to promote? Daria Adayeva, a marketer and content maker for over three years, tells. Packs and promotes turnkey accounts. Daria Adaeva , a marketer and content maker. Answered the most frequently asked questions that beauty masters and beauty business owners have when promoting on Instagram. get a korean phone number told why a personal brand is needed, how to increase coverage in beauty topics, about free promotion methods, retouching tools, graphics, photo editing, about stories and non-seasonal services.

How to start promotion if the account is almost empty?

The most important thing for the beauty industry is a visual picture: how a person will look and feel after your work. You are also chosen by the picture. If the instagram beauty master or salon is empty, it needs to be filled with information about you, clients, beauty services. Fill your account with high-quality pictures and videos. Since there is a lot of demand and competition in the beauty industry, it is very important to pay attention to the quality of the content. If you just created an account and are thinking about how to develop in it, pay attention to the visual. It is very important for any master to be able to photograph their work. And it’s also important to have good technique. Start by learning how to build a beautiful photograph, how light and perspective work.

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What to write about if you are tired of posting photos of your work?

In general, simply laying out works is inefficient. You need to create a personal brand: people are attracted to people. You can be a cool master and do cool makeup. But if they don’t know you as a professional, they don’t know about the quality of your cosmetics, how you build communication with clients, what kind of professional you are, where you studied and how you communicate, how you look yourself – if this is not in your account, then you go down a few steps. masters who develop a personal brand. You don’t need to upload only photos of your work – this is only 10% of what can bring you good luck and success in promotion. DV Leads content not only to show what your work looks like, but also show you as a person.

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