How to make GIF emoticons? You must have never heard of this method!

Gif is a simple form of animation. You can use many softwares on the internet to make your own gif animations and share them with your friends. This article will introduce a new software gimp, and teach you how to use gimp software to make gif animations . If you want an easier and easier way to create animated gifs to share with your friends on your social media, try meitu xiuxius magic photo feature, which allows you to create animated gifs in 3 seconds . You can draw the dynamic path as you like to make the gif look more realistic, use the protective pen to hold the object, for example, a reef by the sea, it will not be real when moving, just use the protective pen to encircle the reef not satisfied with the effect it doesnt matter, just wipe it off with an eraser pen.

How to Make Animated GIFs in GIMP

If you still find it troublesome, then try the smart e-commerce photo editing mode, you only need to upload a photo, and meitu xiuxiu can make your gif animation within 1 second . If you want to know more powerful functions of meitu xiuxiu, search the official website of meitu xiuxiu to make your blockbuster. Image ng make gifs  image ng download gmip software 1. Download gimp. Gimp is an open source image editor. With gimp, you can crop each frame of the gif and modify the motion speed of the gif animation.

Image ng gimp operation interface 2. Open the gif you want to make . Click the file open button above to select an image on your computer. If you want to redraw the gif, you can use the new format. If you are using an existing gimp document, then use the images press the image command to combine them into a single layer. Image ng open a picture.

e-commerce photo editing

Optimize the animation to make

Add other pictures. If you have several photos you DV Leads want to animate into gifs , such as a set of snapshots, choose file → expand it as a layer. If you only have one picture and want to animate it yourself, you. Can select duplicate layer in the layer window on the right side of the screen. Each layer is a gif format. The image below will be displayed first, followed by the top of the image. Drag them in order. Every photo needs to be the same size, otherwise the larger images will be cut off when you save the gif. Image ng add multiple pictures 4. Mask this layer so you can make modifications in the layers below. To edit images or add text, you must hide every image on the list, or you wont be able to see your work.

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