How To Keep Your Seo Afloat When Redesigning Your Website

We all know it’s wrong to judge by appearances, but that rule doesn’t apply to your website. There’s no place for ifs or buts here  to help your business grow, your website needs to look good and be user-friendly. So if at some point you realize that’s not the case, you’ll need to gear up and kick off a website redesign.

The reasons may vary maybe your website design makes your visitors. Hear the sound of dial-up internet and you finally decided to give it a new look. Maybe you just started getting a lot of traffic to your startup’s website and realized. That it wasn’t serving you well because of a poor user experience. Or your marketing goals may have changed and you now need to refine your website. Design and content to better communicate your brand values.


If you choose the simple approach

Launching a redesign doesn’t necessarily El Salvador Phone Number List  mean changing dozens of things at once. If your goal is to adapt your website to user needs and increase conversions, UX designers recommend starting a redesign with A/B testing. So let’s say you’ve already armed yourself with heatmaps and session replays, spotted a few pitfalls in your current website design, and are feeling eager to run the first few tests. Here’s what you need to consider in terms of SEO depending on the testing method you choose.


Run an A/B test on a single URL


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If the changes you want to a/b test are minor like button color and cta message. You better run multiple test builds on the same  this testing approach works in such a way that when a page. Is loaded some users see the default version and for others a javascript is injected modifying. The page on the fly in their browsers. This is called manipulating the DOM.




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