How To Configure Google Search Console

website is to get a GSC account. You don’t need to verify your website in Google Search Console to appear in search results, but you do need to do so to gain access to all of the important data provided by GSC. Google Search Console is an invaluable tool for webmasters as it helps to identify site errors, get Google to index all website pages, find out if your site is mobile friendly, what keywords people are using for find it, and more.


And today our goal is to tell you how to do it right.

How to add your site to Google Search Console

A domain property URL does not contain   the property will be created as ). It also covers all subdomains and subpaths. For example, if a domain property is in addition to the domain name, the data includes subdomains such as:The Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List  prefix property supports four verification methods: HTML file upload, Meta tag, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. This type of property allows users to analyze individual subsections of a website in the Google Search Console. For example, if your site has subfolders covering Germany and France, you might consider creating separate accounts for those properties:

Domain ownership in Search Console


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After selecting Add New Property , you will need to choose a property type. GSC allows verification of two types of website properties: URL prefix property and domain property . Unlike the URL-prefix property, which supports several types of verification, this one only corresponds to the verification of DNS records. A domain property includes all subdomains such as m, www and several protocols: To complete Google Search Console verification by uploading an HTML file, add your website URL in the URL Prefix property field as it appears in the browser’s address bar and follow these steps :

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