How They Affect Seo And How To Avoid Them

Very easy to create, not so easy to remove, and quite tangibly harmful to your website is how we can describe duplicate pages . Why is duplicate content bad and how can it show up on a website without your knowledge? We will cover these issues in this article.

Why are duplicate pages bad

There are 5 important reasons why duplicate pages damage your website. Any search engine is essentially a business. And like any business, they don’t want to waste their efforts for nothing. Thus, a crawl budget is defined for a single  Bahrain Phone Number List  website, which corresponds to a limit of web resources that search robots will crawl and index. That said, the number one reason to avoid duplicate pages is crawl budget efficiency: when crawling duplicates, search bots may miss some important pages.


Types of duplicates

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Note that duplicate pages aren’t the only thing that can cause keyword cannibalization. Duplicate titles or H1 headings, many identical keywords placed in the content, external links pointing to a non-target page that have a keyword included in the anchor text, all of these can also lead to such a problem.

Getting external links to duplicate pages instead of main page versions is the fourth reason . It can also make the cannibalization problem worse – more on that later. Finally, the fifth reason is Google’s Panda algorithm which can penalize a website for duplicate content. There are full and partial page duplicates. The first refers to several absolutely identical web pages. For example. Crawl issues, in turn, lead to indexing issues, and this is your second reason to get rid of duplicates. If an important web page is not crawled, it will not be included in the index. The only thing here would be to fix the issue and wait for re-indexing, but that can take a while, especially if you’re working on a new site.

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