How much does a PR manager earn

Specialties PR (“Advertising and Public Relations”) are taught in many universities. Graduates of Moscow State University, MGIMO, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and Russian State Humanitarian University are especially highly valued. The term of study is from 4 to 5 years. However, after receiving a diploma, you will have to gain useful experience for years: no one guarantees employment immediately after graduation, and competition in the market is very high. The second most popular way is to enter the profession from journalism, advertising or copywriting. In this case, you will already have experience and basic practical skills, which is much more important for the employer. A huge plus is if you managed to get contacts in the field of german phonenumbers, advertising and marketing. Finally, the easiest and most productive way is to take courses at an online school.

Training for a PR manager at My Academy

At the My Academy School of Internet Marketing courses, you will learn how to develop a PR strategy and achieve the set KPIs, write press releases and come up with events to improve your image, look for positive newsbreaks and work with negative news within crisis PR, communicate with bloggers and journalists. Classes are taught by practitioners who have already achieved success in the field of PR management and are ready to share real cases. You can study online, anywhere and combine learning with work. Upon completion, we will help you find a job: we will correct your resume, prepare for an interview. In addition, you will already have a portfolio ready to show to the employer.

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Prospects for the profession

The PR profession has changed a lot in recent years. Here are the main trends that will determine its development in the next 5 years: New media platforms. If earlier the PR manager relied on TV and print media, now everything is moving online. Media in the traditional format is also dying off: they are being replaced by bloggers who post content on social networks or on YouTube. Now the era of DV Leads is coming, and what will replace it tomorrow is still hard to say. New formats. This trend follows from the previous one: instead of texts and commercials, online videos and collaborations with creative studios, bloggers or even other brands are coming to TV. Instead of press conferences, many hold public talks and online presentations. In the near future, PR events and media content using VR and AR will become popular. New communication channels.

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