How Much Does A Legal japan Phone Number Receptionists Cost?

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Unfortunately, having an in-house legal receptionist is not a suitable solution for most lawyers. There is a better way. The answer is a virtual receptionist, also known sometimes as a legal answering japan Phone number service. When you hire our virtual receptionists, you only pay for the minutes allotted to answer your calls. You do not have to pay for their breaks, vacations, and sick leave. You won’t have to invest in any kind of infrastructure or training, as our live receptionists are trained individually on each company they answer for, and have access to fully maintained and frequently upgraded phone technologies & software.

Legal Receptionists japan Phone Number are costly

Our basic subscription costs only $279 a month and includes 100 receptionist minutes in the plan. More advanced plans offer up to 500 receptionist minutes and cost only $1,089 a month. This is a fraction japan Phone Number of the amount you would spend on an in-house legal receptionist, who is available only during working hours and isn’t available during holidays and weekends.  Realistically, it is not possible to answer every call.  Most attorneys find they need a legal receptionist who will answer all their calls, respond to queries, and take messages.

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Hiring a legal receptionist isn’t easy. Not only will you have to spend between $30,000 to $45,000 a year, but you will also lose potential clients because they aren’t always able to answer the phone, especially after business hours. This amounts to financial losses, especially if you are just starting out as a lawyer. A legal answering service like Abby japan Phone Number Connect also includes phone answering 24/7, bilingual receptionists, a dedicated team of receptionists, an account manager, real-time call reports with alerts, unlimited voicemail boxes, customized call forwarding and call handling, toll-free business phone number, and years of training in customer service skills and relationship building with clients.

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