How much are your customers worth?

Generally, people look to buyer personas as a good way to craft an effective digital marketing strategy. Buyer personas are great for this, but they’re also important for crafting an effective digital marketing plan. For example, imagine that you are advertising for a SaaS company that has the following pricing configuration. One small business has much smaller needs than the other two, so they would probably choose the $25 starter package. A midsize business would likely choose the $75 pro package, while a large buy phone number database would likely choose the $150 interprise package.

How much do you need to spend to reach your goals?

ake your CAC, average purchase order value, and average number of purchases (if you have an enrollment template, you can use the average lifetime of each buyer persona here) and plug that information into these equations to determine your marketing strategy. digital, LTV to CAC rate: LTV = [Average monthly revenue per customer in dollars] X [Customer lifetime in months] CAC = [Total cost in dollars to get customers in this buyer persona] / [Number of new customers acquired from the digital marketing campaign] The ideal ratio for LTV:CAC is 3:1 every 12 months, meaning the customer value must be three times the value to get them as a customer. A ratio close to 1:1 means you’re spending a lot to get customers. A ratio greater than 3:1 means you are losing business as you are not pushing your digital marketing efforts to get more customers.

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How is digital marketing different on mobile?

Mobile digital marketing is different from desktop digital marketing. These differences are significant as smartphones are the main device people use to interact on the internet. With around 50% of online activity taking place on mobile devices , the shift from desktop to mobile has profoundly affected digital marketing. Google Ads got rid of sidebar ads from its results pages to create a more consistent experience across desktop and mobile. Facebook Ads followed suit for the past 5 years, no longer showing sidebar ads on desktop or mobile and instead showing only in-stream ads. In addition to optimizing your ads for mobile, it’s also important to think about your website and landing page experience. Your website may look good on a DV Leads screen, but it may be impossible to navigate on mobile, and if it does, you could end up alienating a significant percentage of your traffic.

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