How Checking Your Link Profile Can Save Your Site

Don’t worry: link building is essential to the success of your site.

In addition to being a ranking factor for search engines, backlinks can bring visitors to your site who might not have found you otherwise. Therefore, inbound links can be both a direct and indirect source of web traffic.

But, as anyone who’s had a little too much whiskey knows, you can have too much of a good thing. There is a fine line between having a good link profile and getting slapped with a penalty.

That’s why checking your link profile can save your site and help you stay on track for link building success.

Keep reading and find out how to do it…

What is a link profile?

When we in the SEO community Germany Phone Number talk about a site’s link profile , we’re usually referring to the inbound links pointing to your site, as well as the characteristics of those links.

According to Mark Jackson, in addition to the total number of inbound links, your site’s link profile includes:

Google takes the above factors into account to keep SEO as clean, pure and white as possible. By looking at more than just the amount of inbound links to a site, Google can prevent SEOs from using aggressive or “unnatural” link building tactics intended to play into rankings, such as buying lots of high-quality links. quality posted. All at the same time.

Let me break down each of the above points for you so that you understand the meaning of each.

1. Types of links pointing to your site

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The name of the game here is quality . This means that your inbound links are from legitimate authoritative sources. Relevance is also key here – a link to your site should make sense in the context of the linking page.

As Neil Patel noted in his review, “A good link profile has lots of high authority links and no spammy links.” It might sound like common sense, but it’s amazing how many people will take a bad link just because it’s a link.


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