How A Japanese Digital Agency Helped A Local Business

Second, the audit helped the team show the client what was wrong and what needed to be fixed. Later, after correcting the problems detected by the tool, the agency was able to show the progress of its work in the reports of the audit of the website. The ability to show the difference between “before” and “after,” as well as a clear report of current website issues, helped the agency explain to the client the importance of certain SEO procedures and technical operations. As head of the agency, Akihito Watanabe says one of the hardest parts of their job is showing clients how important SEO is to their website. “Our clients are of course high-level professionals in their field of activity,

However They Rarely Understand That

however, they rarely understand that it is not enough to create a website to really benefit from it”. The website audit report not only helped find all the critical  Iran Phone Number List  errors blocking website performance in the SERPs, but also allowed the agency to communicate the importance of its actions. Additionally, many pages were out of the index , meaning search engines didn’t even know about them. There were plenty of pages without title tags, and those that had a title tag often had it duplicated with other pages. 2. Competitive Analysis Market and competitor research has proven to be the most effective strategy for identifying opportunities overlooked by market competitors.

Using the competitive research tool the


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content that wasn’t bad didn’t target any keywords, it just wasn’t optimized. In general, the client’s competitors were not taking advantage of SEO or paid promotions. Almost the only keywords targeted besides brand queries were. Those identifying major services the word “free”how did they manage to get all this information through the competitive research tool. First, it was enough to simply enter the name of the domain into the search field of the competitive. Research tool to get a full report of its estimated traffic. The keywords the domain was ranking for (both in paid and organic search). A list of its pages that have attracted the most traffic and a list of the domain’s closest competitors.

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