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You can accurately predict that yourself. How? By looking at UAE WhatsApp Number List the policy circle. Your report, advice or memo always fits in with a certain point on the policy circle. And with that, you know what questions you can expect from the reader. I give 3 examples: a discussion memo, a piece of advice and a progress report. 1. Reader questions on a discussion memo.

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You’ve gathered a lot of information on a particular topic, but UAE WhatsApp Number List hasn’t come to a conclusion about what the best sequel is. You would like to discuss this in a meeting or workshop, based on a discussion memo. Questions to which the reader expects an answer are: What’s the problem? What is possible solution 1? What are the advantages?

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Write reader questions for a progress report Your manager probably wants to keep a finger on the pulse of both projects and current affairs. This is possible with a periodic progress report. It doesn’t have to contain all the ins and outs. Questions to which the reader expects an answer are: What results/milestones have we achieved?


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