10 Ways to Use Instagram Guides for Business

Guides or “Guides” on Instagram is a useful collection of content in one place. Guides can consist of posts with recommendations. Lists of locations, or a selection of products – the format is similar to blog posts. In the article, using examples, we will tell you how to work with this type of content for business. In the Russian version of Instagram, they are called “Guides”, they are located in the same section of finnish phone number-ons, where the creation of publications, stories, IGTV videos and AR masks.

What are Instagram Guides?

Guides is a new type of content on Instagram, where a selection of already published posts is created with the ability to add a description, location or lists of favorite products, from the author’s account or other public profiles. Each guide includes a cover, title, introduction, description. Guides were originally created for travel guides (travels). But with the introduction of travel bans around the world, Instagram decided to launch this feature with the theme of posts about health. However,In November, we expanded this format and made it for all users. However, Now guides are available on a special tab in the account profile, they can be shared in stories and private messages. However, Entries can be edited, added or removed as desired by the account owner.

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How to use Instagram Guides?

Below we will tell you how to create a guide in your account for 3 types of content: publications, geolocations and a selection of products. Therefore, How to Create a Feed Post Guide It’s easy here – review your favorite books and movies, food delivery services, lists of handy photo editing apps, DV Leads anything that inspires you and wants to share with your audience. Therefore, On your profile, click the plus icon in the top right corner. Select Guides. Click Publications. Select a post from your feed or a saved post from another account. Click next. Add a title and description for the guide. If you want to use a different cover, click Change Cover. Therefore, Check the text and, if necessary, edit it to include a description.

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