The Power of Greeting Bulgaria Phone Number Cards

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Customer Service Goes Bulgaria Phone Number Beyond the Sale 

There is a man in the Guinness Book of World Records that made his claim to fame by being the best car salesmen in the world. His name is Joseph Samuel Girardi, better known as Joe Girard. Girard sold 13,001 cars at a Chevrolet dealership between the years of 1963 and 1978. That was just 15 years of service as a car salesman. In 1973 alone, Joe sold 1,425 cars. Any idea Bulgaria Phone number of how he could’ve become the best car salesman in the WORLD? Well, the answer is simpler than you’d think. Greeting cards. Joe would Bulgaria Phone Number write a thank you card within the first few days after selling a vehicle to each customer he sold to. 

Thank You Goes a Bulgaria Phone Number Long Way   

Thank yous are a lot more powerful than you think. Especially when they’re received in a hand written format. There are so many ways to express our gratitude through the use of your own words. And, the list goes on! But no matter how you chose to say your thanks, writing out your words of gratefulness hits a note that rings truer than any Bulgaria Phone Number other. When someone takes the time to not only express their gratitude but also write out their words of thanks, the receiver of these words truly feels appreciated. Take the time to write thank you notes for your co-workers and staff when they go that extra mile for you. Make that good impression last with a customer or client by sending them a thank you card with your personal message of appreciation. 

Get Well & Greatest Bulgaria Phone Number Sympathies

Two other common occurrences in life are illness and the passing of loved ones. We’ve all been sick or injured at some point in our lives. We all have had someone close to us or have known someone within Bulgaria Phone Number our circle of family, friends and co-workers to have passed away. No one likes to discuss these hard and hurtful moments but they are apart of life. Whether we like it or not, we’ll all face such troubling times. Within six months after selling to his customer, Joe would reach out with a thoughtful note in a greeting card. The message was always simple and personable.

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