Global SEO, SEM and Web Analytics Program + AdWords and Analytics Certification

Teaching experience comes from behind. «The field of training is no stranger to us, we have already carried out training actions such as the Global SEO, SEM and Web Analytics brazilian phone numbers+ AdWords and Analytics Certification for the Almería Chamber of Commerce, with very good participation results.» Manuel Gil comments, «on the other hand. We must not forget our collaboration with the UNED. Foundation in the delivery of Courses of the Distance University on the areas of Online Marketing. SEO, SEM, Web Analytics and E-Commerce, a collaboration that it. Will be extended in time and in the number of courses that will increase our offer.

Workshops and Short Courses at the Granada Chamber of Commerce

After the success of its Google AdWords Fundamentals Course , next month, from April 25 to 27. The Google Analytics Basic Course begins. A perfect complement to the previous one that lays out the path for those who want to start in the field of online advertising. The Analytics course , within this cycle of the Granada Chamber of Commerce. Will be joined by another 12-hour course on Email Marketing in April, key to attracting customers. Fundamentals of Content Marketing in June and, stretching out around summer vacations, an essential Corporate Identity for SMEs , key to attracting customers and their loyalty.

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Online Marketing and Web Design services

Idento , Google’s Premier Partner in Granada, not only offers Online Marketing and Web DV Leads services, but also continues with its training vocation by starting its 2017 cycle of workshops and short courses at the Granada Chamber of Commerce. When asked if Idento reduces its training to short courses, Manuel Gil, the company’s Commercial Director, is very clear: Not at all, our Training Department has the guideline of expanding the offer to long courses, executive programs and master’s degrees in collaboration with different Andalusian Institutions and beyond, because Idento has a lot to offer our Community.

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