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On digital marketing. We have the most relevant guests in our sector and we interview them in depth to learn about Sweden Phone Number their marketing strategies, success stories or outstanding actions, and of course also discuss the big questions in our sector. We interview juan carlos muñoz, director of digital marketing and crm at volvo cars, who tells us about the ins and outs of volvo cars and its commitment to innovation and safety. He also tells us about the power of data to guarantee the customer experience and reveals the keys to his new initiative “A week of quality of life”. Let’s start with the interview! Do you want to know what marketing strategies are being

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Carried out by experts in the sector? Click here and discover all the episodes of our marketing answers podcast. Answers Sweden Phone Number of  is the most relevant digital marketing trend for you that is coming up? Digital marketing is a discipline in which we measure absolutely everything and segment almost one by one . Everything that is to come will follow this line: to be increasingly efficient in the way we segment and decide who we are going to target, who we want to sell our product and/or service to and who we want to relate to. What technologies will allow us this? Big data , artificial intelligence … all the activities,

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Strategies, actions and new developments that have to do with this will be what we will use the most in the future. What is Sweden Phone Number your go-to book, podcast, or digital marketing channel? The truth is that I have many. I prefer to have inputs from different blogs and different subjects of digital marketing. Every morning when I get to the office I spend 15-20 minutes reading all the alerts I get from blog subscriptions. It helps me a lot to keep up to date with everything that is out there, because this is moving at a tremendous speed. What is a good digital marketing professional for you? What qualities should it have? I believe that digital marketing is not a profession


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